Ham Hill

Ham Hill has a special place in my heart. As a teenager, I used to hang out here with my college friends around the BBQ area, watching the green and orange fire flies light the sky in the evening.

Ham Hill is situated above the village of Stoke Sub Hamdon, with amazing widespread views across the Somerset countryside. There’s the Prince of Wales pub, which is always popular, and an ice-cream van makes a regular appearance.

Tiny houses as you look down
The view from the monument down to the village of Stoke-sub-Hamdon

Parking is free – there are several small car parks, although do try and remember where you parked your car! Ham Hill is now a disused quarry, where the beautiful iconic Somerset sandstone was sourced. Ham Hill is essentially many small hills, perfect for running up and down or taking bikes. Although you do have do be careful of the steep drops, especially for little ones.

Large ham stones in a ci
The stone circle at Ham Hill, on the way to the monument

There are lots of routes you can take on Ham Hill, if you are prone (like me) to getting lost, then I’d say park near the Prince of Wales pub and head to the side of Ham Hill towards the village of Stoke Sub Hamdon where the war memorial monument is. The land here is pretty flat, and there are often some good puddles for jumping in! Last time I went there were some cattle grazing there too.

Welly boots and mud
There are plenty of muddy puddles for splashing in

It is a beautiful and unique landscape and well worth a visit.

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