Yoga by candlelight

Yesterday evening I went to a class run by Lunasana Yoga, aka my good buddy Rachael, in Westfield School Hall, Yeovil.

It was such a serene, peaceful thing to do in the run up to Christmas. Rachael sussed that everybody would be feeling tired and frazzled in the run up to Christmas so the yoga was gentle and finished with a meditation. We all bought our own blankets to cover us at the end which added to the cosiness. The yoga included really gentle stretches, some of which was seated and it really helped clear my mind and my back pain disappeared.

It was honestly amazing and I felt so calm afterwards.

It’s great when you see someone find their niche and what they were born to do, I think that’s true of Rachael.

Rachael gave everyone a gift of Epsom salts with lavender and a scented candle. Throughout the yoga she said ‘this is an hour just for you’, that message really got through to me and that hour has done me a world of good.

Lunasana Yoga has details of classes on Facebook in both Yeovil and Tintinhull.

Time for you
A Christmas gift and message from Rachael

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  1. rachaelgillies says:

    That’s fantastic. Thank you Sarah. So glad you enjoyed it x

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