The perfect woodland winter walk

The woodland of Yeovil Country Park makes for a fabulous walk anytime of year. But there’s something about getting a breath of icy fresh air at Christmas time which is really special.

For me, Christmas day is for hibernating, eating and drinking! By Boxing Day (which is also my birthday) it feels good to venture out.

This woodland walk incorporates the ‘Woodland play area’ where all the Yeovil-based fairies have their doors amongst the trees.

A blue painted fairy door on a tree amongst woo
Do you believe in fairies? The fairies are always out when we come to visit!

To find this walk:

A little way before the mini roundabout where the A37 meets West Coker Road, there’s a footpath. It’s opposite East Coker Road, and you can park in one of these nearby residential roads.

Wander down this path and you’ll see a turning off to the right with steps down that then go up into woodland. You’ll find yourself at the highest point of Yeovil Country Park. Just keep walking for a while, you’ll come to a fork – go right and you’ll see the woodland fairy doors on your left.

There’s also fabulous views across to Wyndham Hill. I’d say this walk would take little legs around half an hour and is suitable for age 3 up, not great for buggies though. You can carry on if you want to explore the natural springs – wear wellies if you’re planning this.

Woodland play area
The woodland play area, complete with once upon a time chair, fairy doors, wooden carvings and mini obstacle course.

Another way that you can go and see the fairy doors is to park at Goldenstones Leisure Centre. Keep walking up the paths and follow the little signs to the Woodland play area. I hope you don’t get lost, but if you do you’ll see all sorts of magical things.



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