The changing colours of Ninesprings

I wrote a few words about Ninesprings a little while ago, and in honour of the New Year it seems appropriate to share them here. Many of us resolve to get more fresh air and exercise and turn a new leaf, and with that in mind, I hope you enjoy this post…

I went for a jog today – the same route I always go – across Ninesprings. I have to say, I don’t really get bored of it because the landscape is always changing with the seasons. Now it’s Autumn there is a sea of leaves beneath my feet in the classic autumnal colours as well as dashes of green. Moving on, the texture becomes crunchy yet soft as I jog past acorn trees.

Autumn leaves and
Fallen autumn leaves.

I have a rest at the same spot and I gaze up to see the spindly trees, reassuring me that they have always been there. I rest on a bridge and do a few stretches. Ahead of me is a large still area of water which gathers under the bridge and that calm becomes a rushing waterfall. It strikes me how calming both the stillness and the rushing are.

A small waterfall
The calming waterfall

I’ve come out in the rain so there’s not many people around. The still water is ahead of me peppered with rust coloured leaves. The fat raindrops make circular ripples and there is a reassuring rhythm to it. I remember this place in Summer when the banks were covered in foxgloves.

To me, this place is as phenomenal and beautiful as the cherry blossom season in Japan. There is so much to offer here, and so much to discover.

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