Two of the best beaches near to me!

Living as I do in South Somerset, I’m actually really close to the Dorset border and I live a stones throw from the town of Sherborne in Dorset. It just so happens that the beaches nearest to where I live are in our neighbouring county. If you are staying in South Somerset and fancy a trip to the beach you may be best headed that way too!

The sea and sand of Burton Bradstock with some paddlers
Burton Bradstock is one of my favourite beaches

One of my favourite beaches ever is Burton Bradstock. I love the smooth pebbles of various shades and the steep shelves as you head into the waves. I did take the kids here in the Summer, and I have to say the sea was a bit rough so you need to take care with little one but we still had a great day. There are some dramatic cliffs you can walk across if you choose. You’ll notice that not many people settle down underneath the cliffy areas – there’s a good reason as there is a danger of falling rock. I’ve seen jellyfish at Burton Bradstock over the years and even a small shark!

The sea, sky and golden clif
The golden cliffs of Burton Bradstock

There is a café right on the beach called the Hive Café it’s got a reputation for doing good food. It’s not really the sort of place you just grab a bowl of chips, but proper seafood based fare! I did get a recipe book for Christmas one year with Hive Café recipes, one day I’ll have the time to read and cook more!

There is also a small hut near the café selling delicious ice creams, but aside from that it’s you and the sea and the other beachgoers and the elements, which is lovely.

I have been to Burton Bradstock many times over the years, but I did check out another beach recently too – the well known Lulworth Cove.

A curved beach in the shape of a cove
The popular shores of Lulworth Cove

I’m not great with big crowds, I think it stems from growing up in a small village. But I will make an exception for the crowds of Lulworth Cove! There is something good about happy crowds, coachfuls of school children from across Europe that makes you proud and happy to live near this special place.

There are huge car parks for all the coaches and then a shop and café area. I did treat myself to a cream tea here which was yummy. On the short stroll down to the beach there was a burger bar selling all sorts of burgers – including crab burgers – a good reason for a return visit someday!

The cove itself was beautiful, ships dotted in the sea, enticing water and plenty of pebbles which I love on a beach. However, aside from the unique cove shape I can’t see what makes this beach so incredibly popular above many of the other beautiful beaches of Dorset, like Burton Bradstock.

Durdle Door is close to Lulworth Cove which is also another highly regarded beauty spot, and your parking ticket will be valid in both. If you’re feeling like walking off the cream tea you can walk between the two in around half an hour.

I’d also like to visit some of the stunning beaches in Exmoor, Somerset, such as Kilve which is well known for its fossils.

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