A felt tip mumIn honour of Mothers’ Day I’ve written a post about my experience of being a mum…

I put off getting pregnant til I was creeping up on 30. I knew motherhood would be the most important and most challenging job that I would ever commit to and so I wanted to wait til I felt as ready as I could ever be to start a family.

Our kids are now aged 2, 4 and 6. So all past the baby stage, which we found the most tiring stage of all!! They all say hilarious and honest things. Some recent gems from my 4 year old are “Mummy, your teeth are yellow” (that’s the honesty) and “Mummy you’re a genius.” Followed by a pause and then a follow up question “Mummy, what’s a genius?”.

Three kids with hats and coats around a muddy puddle
Our three little ones!

For me, the hardest part of being a mum is believing that I am enough. I worry that at the weekends my eldest is playing too much x box and that I’m too distracted by household chores or too tired to be “good enough”.

The thing is though, they don’t think those things at all. It’s much better for me to let those thoughts go and to be kind to myself and realise that I am enough.

I think there’s something really good about modern life. We’re able to talk about the things we struggle with. As we do so we realise that we all have a little more in common than we think.

Supportive mum friends are the best! Image from

I shouldn’t measure my success by how many activities they’ve done. Duvet days are awesome too and there’s a lot to be said for a good Disney film and popcorn; the whole family needs time to relax and recharge.

I am really fortunate to have these three little funny and wise people in my life. I hope they can trust me and I hope I can support them. There will be times when I am grumpy and tired, and for those times there is sorry and lots of cuddles.

Being a mum is simple really. Love and cuddles.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Love and cuddles, exactly! We are so alike, if I haven’t baked, done crafts, read with them and played all day then I feel like I haven’t been a good enough mum. You’re right though, the kids don’t think that at all..they are more than happy to just relax and be with their mummy xxx

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    1. Ah thanks for reading Wendy. Yep it’s good to go all those fun things, but there are days when I am a much happier mum to be around if I do less! X


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