Cream teas and chasing waterfalls

These days (lockdown aside!) you can get a really great cup of coffee in the beautifully furbished and family friendly cafe at Ninesprings  near to Goldenstones swimming pool.

A wooden cafe structure with picnic benches outside set in woodland
The modern cafe with outdoor seating too.

Visitors to Ninesprings have been accustomed to treating themselves, there was once a thatched cottage where the inhabitants served cream teas. It was located in a tranquil spot near to one of the pools and surrounded by trees with no other cottages nearby, so a different location from the modern cafe.

The thatched cottage in 1912. Photograph with kind permission of the Frith Collection.

I wandered down to the pool where the thatched cottage was once located and it’s hard to see exactly where it was as it appears that some of the bank where the foundations were has been filled in.

A pool of water in Ninesprings,
Is this the spot?

There is a lovely account online about a lady remembering buying homemade lemonade for half a penny and a couple of biscuits for a penny as a treat.

What happened to the thatched cottage? describes how the cottage fell into ruin during the second world war and was demolished in 1973. Does anyone have any memories of the cottage or know exactly where it was located? I’d love to hear.

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