The mystery of primrose cottages

Do you ever wonder what mysteries might be surrounding the places that you know and love? This story concerns Ilchester Road, the road that runs adjacent to Yeovil College off the Fiveways Roundabout (aka College Roundabout).

A roundabout with woodland trees in the middle
As roundabouts go, this one’s pretty nice! View from the bottom of Ilchester Road.

The bottom of Ilchester Road was the site of a small terrace of six cottages set high up on a bank. The mystery that surrounded number 11 is that this cottage was left unoccupied for over a decade from 1953, remaining furnished with a half eaten meal on the table. There was also dirty linen in the washtub and even a child’s pram was left behind.

This was the home of young married couple Tom and Kathleen Jones, and their four year old son Terry. The couple had had such a blazing row that they got up and went their separate ways. A photo of their wedding day on display, faded with time.

A road with a high grassy bank to the right
The cottages were located on the bank to the right of this photo.

So what happened to Mr and Mrs Jones?

For several years the council sent rent demands to their decaying home, with no response. Mrs Jones was reported to have been living in a basement flat in Walthamstow, London with her mum and her son… and then they disappeared.

In 1967, over 14 years since the mystery occurred, there were more stories in the papers trying to trace the couple as the council were seeking to compulsory purchase their home for road widening and wanted to award them  £1,000.

Sadly, Mr Jones was traced to a mental hospital in Carmarthen, Wales having been a patient since 1955. As you can see from the picture, the cottages were demolished and the mystery surrounding the family remains.

If you’d like to read more about this with the original newspaper accounts check out I hope you’ve enjoyed this intriguing little story!

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  1. tonymcdougal says:

    Great story Sarah

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    1. Ah thanks Tony 😊


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