Life in the slow lane

We’ve been living a very simple, local existence in lockdown. At the weekends we go exploring in the country lanes that I probably would never have explored. Here’s a few country walks we’ve discovered in Yeovil, off the beaten track.

1. Placket Lane.

Just before Yeovil Road turns into Sandhurst Road there’s a country lane opposite the signpost for the Windsor Cattery. (We always called the road from East Coker to Yeovil just Sandhurst Road, but anyway the road has two names). This is Placket Lane. Follow it and you’ll be treated to a classic  Somerset meandering lane. It ends up coming out on West Coker Road, you’ll see the sign for the stables where I used to go riding as a kid. The stables are up for sale so I may never get to take my kids there sadly.

Stone steps with children
Along Placket Lane and up the steps

There are other options with this walk. You’ll see some steps and you can walk through the hazy wheat field. This is stunning and the only thing that would improve it for me is if it lead to a beach and I could go for a swim!

Wheat field
A hazy field of wheat

When you get through the field you can follow the signpost back to ‘Placket’ (seems like that was once the name of an area not just a lane) and it takes you on a circular walk back out to Sandhurst Road area; the lanes are a little narrow in places for lockdown but you only see a dog walker or two. There is another option to trek over to East Coker.

2. Where Turner’s Barn Lane meets East Coker Road.

There’s a little country lane you’ll see, which comes out on Pavyotts Lane (near the Red House roundabout). We sometimes see someone riding a horse down here, which the kids like. There will be houses built here soon, so we making the most of this lovely spot.

A country lane surrounded by trees
The classic country lane

You can either turn back when you get to Pavyotts Lane or if you turn left you can make it more of a circular walk. Take the left fork and you’ll be off the road in no time and back in the countryside along the path that runs by the field. There are several options but we followed the sign to ‘Placket’ keeping within the field and luckily ended up back near the Yeovil Road area.

A little girl balancing along a
Nature’s playground, complete with balance beam, mud slide and trees for swinging in

3. Yeovil Country Park/Ninesprings

If you follow the high paths then you may find less people about than the area near the cafe and duck pond. Where East Coker Road meets Dorchester Road there is an entrance to this stunning parkland. I’ve written all about it on a previous post here so please have a read and enjoy!


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